I had the greatest plan to share the solar eclipse with the 1300 students at the school I teach at. I had acquired several ways to display the eclipse safely. However, I was informed today all students must remain inside for their safety. We will be able to watch the live stream from NASA. 
As a science teacher I’m a little disappointed in the decision made by officials at the district level. With that I guess I’ll fire up the projector and watch the life stream. 

fast approaching 

Today is one of those crazy days for me. I want to be out scouting or sighting in my rifle to make sure everything is ready for my elk hunt in a few months. However, school starts in two days, just 48 hours, and I have a ton left todo. Tonight is back to school night and many of my new crop of students will be coming and will be excited for a year in fourth grade. 

Honestly, I too am excited for a great year filled with possibilities. I will be a basketball coach and a club sponsor. I have not done both of those in the same year so this will be a unique year. 
The board is almost ready to welcome my new crop of campers into my class. Now the anticipation begins in earnest. Wish me luck.