Wildlife watching from the road. 

Last night after another fun filled day in Durango we went for a drive on a couple of lightly used roads with my in-laws looking for wildlife. 

I have never seen a bear in the wild and one is known to be in the area, so we went looking. We didn’t see a bear, but what we found was fun. 
We saw a small group of wild turkeys, a group of about 8 elk and three of them were calves, Canadian geese, a skunk, and a mule deer doe. However, for me the best parts were when it was my children spotting the animals. My daughter saw a  group of turkeys, a bunch of them born this spring. And my son the deer. 
Today we embark on a journey non of us have taken. We will take the narrow gushed train to Silverton, an old mining town, a place we have only traveled by car. 

after a trip to Mesa Verde, more when I have a ton of time, we are wrapping up our trip and headed back to the desert. 

We have learned a bunch this week and have had an amazing adventure. 
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